Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magnetic Spice Rack

Awhile ago I found this magnetic spice rack tutorial on Pinterest and really wanted to try it!! :) 

My original plan was to mount a piece of aluminum or stainless steel to the wall between the microwave and the window. When I told Daniel what I was planning and asked him to help me find a piece of metal, he suggested I just use the side of the microwave instead. Genius! :) Now why didn't I think of that....

My messy spice drawer has been really needing some help....plus it's hard to find anything since most of these containers are the small ones, and they're all stacked on top of each other....I have to dig out practically everything to find what I'm looking for...

I bought my tins online here, since I couldn't find what I wanted locally. I printed up labels for each tin, and taped them to the backs of the containers (since they're just taped on I can easily change what I have in each tin if I ever want to). 

Next I glued a strong magnet to the back of each tin. I started by hot gluing them on, but that made the tins sit at a funny angle when they were on the microwave, so I wound up just using super glue. :)

Almost done! :) 

And there it is!! I love how pretty all the colors are, PLUS it's freed up some much needed storage space.

This is how the backs of the tins look.

I actually think I like this look even better than the original idea of a piece of metal to stick the tins to! At least for my kitchen. :) If you don't have an available side of your microwave you could do this on the side of a fridge too.

I moved my bigger spice containers into the newly emptied drawer, which in turn allowed me to shuffle some other things around in the cupboard in which they formerly resided.....so this new spice rack has left all of my cupboards a little more organized and a little less crowded. :) Yay!