Thursday, October 4, 2012

Faux Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Roll Art

A couple years back I came across this post on making wrought iron like wall art out of the cardboard tubes inside toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I took a screenshot, and was glad I did because she soon had to take the tutorial down as she was picked up by Crafts 'N Things magazine, and they didn't want the tutorial on her blog until after their article about it. I did my wall art based on looking at her picture, but now it would be even easier as she's posted free patterns!! If you'd like to try this project I'd recommend starting with at least one of her patterns to get the hang of it. :) Looking at a picture and guessing how she did it wasn't that easy. :) 

What you'll need. 

- Lots of cardboard tubes from both toilet paper and paper towel rolls. For pictures of how to cut them, check out the link I posted above. The paper towel rolls need to be cut into strips lengthwise, and the toilet paper rolls need to be cut open lengthwise, and then cut into strips widthwise to keep the curl of the tube. 

- Square wooden dowels. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for around $0.80 each. I bought 1/4" dowels, so I cut my cardboard strips 1/4" wide.

- Tacky Glue

- Spray paint. I used a black, hammered metal finish paint, and then a few sprays of a silver, glittery metallic for an accent. 

I got my husband to cut my dowels into 10" lengths, then used tacky glue to glue them into square frames. 

Use the long, paper towel roll strips for the longer, framing pieces in your design. 

Use the smaller, curly pieces from the toilet paper tubes for the curled parts of your design. Just roll them up into whatever shape you want, and then use the tacky glue to glue them into place. Get creative! Whether you're using a pattern or just coming up with a design on your own, there's always room to experiment with new ideas. :) 

One corner done! :)

I like to start from the corners and work my way in. 

Corners finished! Now for the middle...

It helps to divide each area into smaller sections, and just do one section at a time. 


Now for the paint...

And done! On to number two. :)

Again, use the paper towel rolls for the longer pieces.

Just roll and curl those little pieces till they look just the way you want, then glue them down!

Done with three of my four smaller sections. 

Almost there...

And done!

I really think this one is my favorite. :)


And done!

I'd like to do two more in the future so I can have a set of four, but for now I'm happy with my two. 

Who would have thought that toilet paper rolls could make such beautiful art??!!